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Do men and women cheat for different reasons?

There are key differences between cheating men and cheating women. Cheating men are generally looking for physical and sexual stimulation.

Cheating women on the other hand tend to be looking more for emotional and loving support. While some of the reasons why both sexes cheat can be the same, the following are usually related to women.

3 Reasons For Cheating Women

  1. Lack of self confidence: A common cause of cheating women is low self confidence. Women that are externally dependent are women that are dependent on other people to make her happy. This is as opposed to a person who can be relatively content on his or her own and doesn't need validation by others to feel worthy.

    If an externally dependent woman’s’ partner doesn't make her feel loved on a continual basis, she may seek an affair so as to get this love somewhere else. She cheats as a way to get reassurance that she's wanted and thought of as attractive. Women who are happy and confident in themselves would not be as likely to cheat for such a reason. In any case, the man should take care that an externally dependent wife or girlfriend always feels loved by him.

  2. Loneliness: Emotional companionship must be present in a woman’s’ relationship if she is to stay. While is seems contradictory that a woman who has a partner can be lonely, a low quality partnership is like no partnership to a woman. Lack of attention, their partner spending too much time with friends or at work are all common causes of cheating women as the woman can be left feeling lonely.

  3. Boredom: Boredom is different from loneliness. With boredom, the guy can provide sufficient emotional support but the woman still finds the relationship stale and boring. In time, all relationships fall into a state of routine and consequently the excitement that was once there starts to fade.

    How this loss of excitement affects one or either partner depends on the partners themselves and how healthy the relationship was to begin with. If the woman is sufficiently bothered by this boredom, she may seek an affair so as to inject some excitement back into her life. With an affair she gets to have sex with someone new, sneak around and hide with them and in doing so she makes up for her dull relationship or marriage.

Final thought on cheating women

It's evident from the above reasons for cheating women that the woman’s boyfriend or husband has a large part to play in why she cheated. While men can't be blamed for the indiscretions of cheating women, it should be noted that the man can often avoid his girlfriend cheating simply by providing sufficient love and care to her.

In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I show how to ensure your girlfriend falls in love with you and then stay there by instilling positive emotions in her. Cheating women can be avoided if you have the correct knowledge on how women’s’ minds work and how to deal with them correctly.

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