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4 Psychological Tell-Tale Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

How can you catch a cheating spouse? First, you need to know the signs and secondly, you need be able to use your intuition to decipher the signs correctly. When a spouse cheats they display, to one degree or another, a changed personality.

However, in trying to catch a cheating spouse, its important to realize that peoples behavior can change for any number of possible reasons. They may be finding things stressful at work or might be worried that money is getting tight or something.

Basically you should not jump straight off to the conclusion that they are cheating. However, a collection of changes is definitely a sign something is up. In this article I want to discuss some of the ways you spouses personality and psychology could be telling you that they are cheating.

What must I do?

Firstly, you must step back. Look at the picture as a whole and not just part of it. This will ensure any false signs do not misguide you. Consider the following as they apply to your spouse:

  1. Slow Answers: To catch a cheating spouse, watch their reactions to your questions. If someone gives slow answers to your questions, its often a sign they are trying to think too much about what they're saying. Lying is part and parcel of being a cheater and if you know your spouse lied about something, then you know something is out of place. It may not automatically mean they are cheating but the fact they don't value honesty in the relationship should be taken as a clear warning.

  2. Seems Confused: If your spouse seems confused all the time and unsure of things, it might be because of an affair. They may be confused about whether or not they want to stay with you or go with the new person. Just because a spouse cheats doesn't mean they still don’t have feelings for you. Confusion combined with a reluctance to give a reason for it is a sure way to catch a cheating spouse.

  3. Escapism: If the relationship between you and your spouse has deteriorated over time, the negative climate may make it more likely your spouse will cheat. Cheating is not just a means of falling in love or having sex with someone new. Cheating can sometimes be a means of escapism from something else. This doesn't mean it’s your fault. However, if the relationship is failing before a spouse cheats, steps need to be taken at that stage as a preventative measure.

  4. Mood-Swings They are under stress trying to cover their tracks. They can also be under stress deceiving you and putting your long relationship at jeopardy. If they become irritable much more easily and lose their temper it’s a sure sign something is up. If they wont tell you why they are irritable, cheating is, unfortunately, the most likely cause.

If 3 or more of these changes are evident in your situation, there are strong grounds for believing that your spouse is cheating. Knowing the signs will allow you to catch a cheating spouse. Remember its important not to get clouded by only focusing on one particular sign. Look at the picture as a whole and you'll be able to view things more clearly and make a better judgment.

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