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Is my girlfriend cheating on me?

Is my girlfriend cheating on me?
Or am I just imagimning it?

Switched off cell phone, being constantly late, acting distant …these are just some of the things that may have caused you to become suspicious. But do these mean she’s already cheating? She may or she may not be. In this article I’ve going to cover 4 signs that she might be cheating.

However, its important when reading this article to not take just one sign alone as confirmation that she is cheating but instead you’ll need to see at least 2 or more of the following before you have good reason to believe she is cheating.

What should I be looking for?

  1. She no longer needs you like she used to: A noticeable void in your girlfriend’s need for your attention is a leading sign that she may be cheating. She no longer looks to you for her needs because someone else is already meeting her needs. More often than not, she will decide to cheat with a friend or a person who is able to fulfill your “responsibility” to her in your absence. So, if there are things that your girlfriend suddenly stops asking you to do, it’s likely that someone else is already doing it for you.

  2. She no longer shares intimate things about herself: Has she started to tell less about herself and just focuses your conversations together on you. If you don’t know already, women by nature like talking about themselves – how their day went or the details of their daily activities. A woman that has something to hide, logically, will talk less to avoid accidentally slipping up on any lies she may have given you. She might also talk less if she’s starting to become emotionally detached from you and has started to like the guy she’s cheating with. If you find that your girlfriend has suddenly became reluctant to share her day or changes the topic when it’s about her, it may be a sign that she’s cheating on you.

  3. She is being less affectionate: Compared to men, women are generally more affectionate. Most women enjoy cuddling, holding hands, and kissing. Women, by nature, are also emotional. If she had committed infidelity, she will most likely feel guilty about it. So, every time you try to get intimate with her, the guilty feeling will cause her to get uncomfortable. She feels unworthy of your love and affection because she is cheating on you.

  4. She’s started paying more attention to her physical appearance: Another common sign of a cheating girlfriend is when she suddenly starts paying more attention to her physical appearance. She now goes on a diet, exercise, and regularly treats herself to a salon and spa. Her sudden motivation should raise your attention, unless you know of other reasons why she’s interested in looking great all of a sudden. If there’s no reason for her to impress you now, then there may be someone else she’s trying to impress.

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