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What does the high rate of marriage infidelity tell us about human nature?

Marriage infidelity statistics increased significantly over the last few decades. However, the statistics themselves have always been hard to verify as not everyone is willing to confess the truth about such a difficult and emotional topic.

However, I have compiled here statistics from the more reputable statistical organizations in the hope of giving a clearer picture of marriage infidelity.

12 Marriage Infidelity Statistics

  1. 21% of men married have committed adultery compared to 13% of women.

  2. Younger married individuals have a higher tendency to engage in marriage infidelity. In addition younger married women are just as likely to cheat as their younger married counter are.

  3. 72% of women were unaware of their husbands marriage infidelity compared to 52% of men not knowing their wife had an affair.

  4. Marriage infidelity will affect 1 in every 2.6 married couples.

  5. 10% of married affairs last only one day. 50% last between a month and a year. 40% last longer than one year. The number of affairs that lasted more than 4 years was negligible.

  6. 3 of every 4 men and 2 out of every 3 women have sexual fantasies about their co-workers.

  7. 85% of women who have a gut feeling that their spouse is engaged in marriage infidelity are correct. This compares to only 50% of husbands being correct when they have this gut feeling. This may mean that men have a higher tendency to accuse than women and as a result get it wrong more often.

  8. Only 3% of divorcees marry the individual they were having the extramarital affair with. Of those that do marry their lover, the divorce percentage of this follow on marriage is 75%.

  9. 1 of every 3 divorces are as a result of marriage infidelity via the internet.

  10. Only 45% of men would class online affairs as adultery

  11. 1 in every ten individuals admit to being addicted to the internet and sex

  12. Research has shown a high incidence of follow-on sexual affairs as a result of initial online cheating.

So what does this show about human nature?

The statistics would show that humans are not by nature monogamous creatures. This would explain the high incidence of marriage infidelity. Does that mean that cheating is ok? Absolutely not. At the end of the day, people chose to get married of their own free will and with that free will a promise is made. So if a person does not want to engage in a monogamous relationship - they should make that clear to anyone they want to date from the beginning.

Statistics also show that the rate of marriage infidelity is increasing particularly as online chat rooms and adult dating sites have increased in numbers. The Internet doubled in size over the last 5 years. With such an increase, this is likely to be the main reason for increases in marriage infidelity in the coming years.

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