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8 Warning Signs That Your Wife Could Be Having an Affair

“Is my wife having an affair?” It’s a question no husband wants to have to ask. But gone are the days when questions of infidelity were only asked by women.

Over the years, the world has seen a sharp rise in the number of women who have engaged in marital affairs.

Alarmingly, this number would continue to rise as it is estimated that about 35 percent of married women will have an affair at one point in their married life.

So what should you look out for?

Finding out that your wife is having an affair is already a bad thing that can happen, but how much more is it if you’re the last person to find out! The good thing is it seldom occurs without warning. Here are some warning signs that your wife is having an affair:

  1. She changed her usual bed routines. She could be more aggressive in bed or lacks interest in bed with you.

  2. She is suddenly dressing up or putting much attention into looking good than she used to.

  3. She constantly comes home late from work or is sneaking into the house after midnight.

  4. She is receiving or making phone calls out of your hearing distance, or you’re getting strange phone calls and when you answer the person hangs up.

  5. She talks to another guy at a social gathering or event and gives all her attention to that guy rather than you, or avoids that guy when she notices you watching.

  6. She goes out of the house and tells you reasons which eventually turn out as lies.

  7. She has limited time for you and your children or refuses to go with you to some specific public places.

  8. She is not wearing your wedding ring or forgets to wear it in most instances when she goes out without you.

It may take time to know the painful truth, which is already known to others. However, once you observe these signs, take action and don't wait before it's too late.

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