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7 Subtle Signs Your Boyfriend Could Be Cheating On You

No matter how much a man hides and lies to cover up, there will always be one or two tell-tale signs that he is cheating. And all you need to do is to be smart enough to look for them.

In this article I’m going to cover some of the ways a guys behavior changes when there is another woman in his life. One sign alone might not be a need for concern but if you spot 3 or more, then there's probably only one explanation for them.

Has he...

  1. Started spending less time with you?: He will make excuses such as working overtime, having meetings, going on business travels, or being in work-related social gatherings. But the truth is he is spending this time with his “other woman”.

  2. Changed his spending habits?: Two women means more money spent. If he’s spending less on you but you find a lot of ATM withdrawal receipts in his wallet, it may be because he’s spending this money on his “other woman”. If this behavior becomes frequent and yet you don’t see where he could be spending the money, chances are he’s having an affair.

  3. Started showing less affection towards you?: You’re no longer as intimate as you were before and you rarely (or no longer) have sex. You don’t even hold hands anymore or cuddle. And if he kisses you, it seems without feeling. This could be because he feels guilty for cheating or because he’s forming intimacy with someone else.

  4. Suddenly started taking more care of his physical appearance?: A cheating man usually starts to take a renewed interest in looking good. He is pursuing another woman so he is putting his best foot forward. Has your guy recently bought a lot of new clothes? started going to the gym? got a new haircut or hairstyle? or started making it a point to always smell good?

  5. His attitude and behavior towards you have changed?: He becomes more short-tempered and finds fault in almost everything you do. Cheaters actually become like this to try to justify their infidelity. And when questioned of their whereabouts, they instantly get defensive and accuse you of being possessive, insecure, or spying.

  6. His phone habits changed?: The phone is very important for a cheating man. If he’s using it to communicate with the other woman, he’ll be very nervous about leaving it alone in your presence in case you might check it. When the phone rings, does he go to another room to talk on it? Or does he talk in a very low voice so you won’t hear?

  7. His computer usage changed?: Increased time spent on the computer is also another sign. Aside from the phone, a cheater will often utilize a computer to communicate with the “other woman”. The affair may have even started online. If he’s not into online gaming and you notice him spending long hours on the computer at night when you’re already in bed, he may be chatting with another woman.

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