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How To Know When It's Right To Confront A Partner About Possible Cheating

In order to confront your partner about cheating, you must know the signs of cheating and have at least a few of them to warrant a confrontation. The last thing you want to do is to accuse your other half in the wrong of cheating based on one sign.

If you find yourself fixated on one particular reason that makes you suspicious, then read on and see the other signs of cheating that one must look for and see do they apply to your situation.


Your first course of action is to see what evidence you have that your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating and examine if there really is enough to make an accusation. The last thing you want is looking crazy making accusations based on nothing more than your imagination. If you make an accusation like this and it turns out they were innocent, they may begin to examine if you are too insecure and needy to be in a relationship with.

Once you have all your evidence laid out in front of you, you'll have to sift out the "evidence" that's genuine and what's nothing more than your imagination. The problem is that when a person thinks their partner is cheating, they start looking for clues to this cheating in every little thing their partner does. Therefore you must know what’s real and what is only your imagination playing tricks on you.

Have They:

  • Started To Pull Away?: One concrete way to know if something is up is if they have started to pull back emotionally from you. If the relationship has grown enough to the degree that you were both emotionally connected, you'll recognize this pull back effect that bit better. Now this in its own right doesn't mean they are cheating but it does give rise to concern. To find out if it means they are cheating, you will need to find other signs of cheating and combine them together.

  • Checks Their Phone Regularly?: One of the tell tale signs of cheating is if they check their phone regularly for messages and/or missed calls. Again there could be an innocent explanation for this like their waiting on the result of a job interview, results of blood samples taken for a health screening, news on a sick relative etc. However, if the person is secretive about their phone and takes it with them every time they leave the room, then you've got a genuine reason for thinking they might be cheating.

  • A Renewed Interest In Their Appearance?: Another of the more common signs of cheating is if they've taken a renewed interest in their appearance. It could be that there's on outside individual that they feel warrants it. When a person has been in a relationship for an extended amount of time, they can start to take less care of their looks. Consequently, any sudden re-interest in wanting to look good should be a cause of alarm as it's one of the classic signs of cheating.

Whatever you discover about your partner, remember that things will be ok. The fact is that if they are cheating, you wouldn't want to have a partner like that anyway. If they're not cheating, chalk this episode up to experience and take care in future to not let your imagination get carried away. If you need further assistance in recognizing the signs of cheating, check out the articles below.

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