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Is it true a negative self-image could cause a man to cheat?

Why do men cheat?
Is it phychological, sexual or emotional?

Why men cheat is a complex question because it never has one single answer. However in this article I'd like to explore a specific, but little known reason for why some men cheat. This involves the man having a self-image problem …which is more common than people realize.

A self-image problem from the mans past can increase his likelihood of being a cheater. Research has shown that people who've got a poor self-image, are at a greater risk of being a cheater than people who are content with themselves and their looks.

How does this cause him to cheat?

If a man has a poor self-image issue, he may feel insecure about himself and his looks. Consequently he may develop a tendency of constantly looking for approval from others. This might result in him looking for approval in his peers and friends.

So what has this to do with explaining cheating?. Well, this need for approval will also result in the man looking for approval from members of the opposite sex. He needs this reassurance from women to quench his negative self-image problem.

Over time, his subconscious mind will get addicted to seeking this approval and thus result in further bouts of cheating. This is reinforced, as a man gets older. Why? Well:

  • His physical looks will slowly deteriorate

  • Thus his negative self-image issue, which he never dealt with, will only get worse.

  • As a result, he feels he needs new evidence on a constant basis, to prove his attractiveness.

This underlying issue with cheaters is often over looked despite it being one of the main reasons regarding the question of why men cheat.

A cheater will start up a relationship with someone new just to get approval without ever realizing the underlying cause of what they are doing. They confuse their real problem of having a negative self-image, with feelings of being attracted to someone new. His subconscious mind gets trained to constantly wanting someone new.

Can this be fixed?

Yes!  - The underlying problem causing the cheating needs to be addressed. No other solution works properly. Now it’s obvious that not everyone who has a negative self-image will be a cheater. However a negative self-image combined with core values that don’t include honesty and trust in a relationship, will have a high probability of resulting in cheating.

Any self-image issue or any unresolved issue from a persons past, needs to be dealt with. They almost never go away on their own and dealing with them now is necessary to ensure it doesn't interfere with their life in other ways. Men not dealing with these issues is one of the biggest reasons behind the old problem of why do men cheat and is really the only answer.

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