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3 Little Known Reasons Why Some Women Cheat

Who do women cheat?
Is it for sexual, emotional or other reasons?

The number of women that cheat has always been fewer than the number of men that cheated. However, in recent years statistics have shown a marked increase in the number of women that are willing to have sex with an individual that's not their partner.

While statistics vary from organization to organization, they roughly show that 15% of women have at some stage cheated on their partner compared to 23% of men.

While in other articles i've included some of the more well known reasons why women cheat and what to do about them, in this article i'm going to cover some of the more unusual reasons that can cause a woman to cheat.

Do any of these apply to your relationship situation?

  1. A Life-Changing Event: Women can have the urge, just like men do, to get out there and escape the reigns of a monogamous relationship. In long-term relationships, this often occurs at some life changing moment in the womans’ life. It can be a new job, significant weight loss, a death in the family, new friends etc. If one of these occurs, make sure you're there for her and that she feels wanted. You don't want her getting support from a stranger that's looking to pounce on her.

  2. Revenge: If you've cheated previously or done something to ruin her trust for you, she may feel a need to settle the scores. From the womans’ perspective, cheating is the quickest and surest way to inflict pain back on you. If you want to guard against her going off and cheating, arrange a date for a relationship counseling session. The reason this is important is because it's a way of showing that you acknowledge you were wrong and that are willing to make amends. This is almost always enough to neutralize your past wrong from the womans’ point of view.

  3. All part of the exit plan: If a woman sees a relationship is dead she may pre-empt the break up by cheating on you. Why? Well this way when you both do break up, she'll have someone waiting for her to have another relationship with. He'll be like her comfort blanket. In such a situation, it wasn't the other guy that caused the break up but rather her loss of hope in YOU and the relationship you seemed to be offering her.

Why do women cheat – Final thought

If you want to re-ignite this hope in your girlfriend for you, there are things you can do right now to achieve this. In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I go through how you can induce feelings of love in someone for you. The book also shows how to maintain a strong love bond with your partner if you already have a relationship together.

In trying to examine the above points for why do women cheat, you should realize that in essence women don't cheat because they have some high uncontrollable sex drive or something like that. They basically cheat as a result of a loss of hope in the guy they're with.

And the guy himself ironically almost always causes this loss of hope. When you know how to maintain a strong sense of hope and love in your girlfriend for you, you'll never be faced with the issue of a cheating girlfriend.

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