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What kind of things lacking in a relationship could cause a woman to cheat?

There are a number of varying factors as to why women cheat. Some are similar to why men cheat but a lot are unique to just women. If you're with a girl at the moment and something is causing you to worry that she might cheat on you, read on.

When you know the causes for why women cheat, you are in a much stronger position because you'll be able to tackle those reasons before they lead to actual cheating.

Like with all things in relationships, good communication is key because if she has a problem with the relationship, it's better for her to talk about it with you rather than you having to try and guess:

  1. Firstly, that there is something wrong
  2. And secondly what it actually is.

3 Reasons Why Women Cheat

The following are 3 core reasons for why women cheat. So, ask yourself the following - Does your relationship lack:

  • Good sex: While women don't generally cheat because they have some high uncontrollable sex drive, if sex is lacking in your relationship she may justify the need for cheating so as to get it. Buy a good sex book and examine all the various ways you can keep your woman happy so she's never found wanting. Women won't generally tell a man he's no good in bed for fear of insulting his masculinity. Consequently, the first you might know she's not happy with you in bed is when she actually cheats on you.

  • Love: Every woman has an inbuilt desire to love and be loved. When a woman feels there's no love in her relationship she may consider the relationship to be dead even if you both have a good time together. It's been suggested that women need to be loved because they need to know that a partner will stick around if she gets pregnant by him and be there to support her. Consequently, if she doesn't feel loved, her subconscious will be telling her to look somewhere else.

  • Commitment: This ties in with a relationship lacking love. A woman will always be looking for commitment from her man because she wants to know that the relationship is going somewhere. Women are tied by the biological fact that they can only conceive children easily up to the age of 38. After that, it becomes difficult to get pregnant up to the age of 42 where the chances of getting pregnant are almost negligible. Consequently, if the woman can't see a sense of commitment in you, she won't want to waste much more time and can start checking out her other options.

Why Women Cheat - Final thoughts

While I’ve gone through 3 core reasons here for why women cheat, it's important to be aware that the reasons why women cheat are unique to each and every woman.

However, it should be noted that women don't leave a man for another man - they leave a man for another life, one that he wasn't providing her with. I go through this in detail in my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology".

When you know the causes for why women cheat, you can reverse engineer them and make them the exact reasons why a woman loves you and thinks of you as "the one". When you know the exact things a woman needs, it becomes easy to make her fall for you.

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